Sunday, July 13, 2014

Melt my plastic heart

photos taken by Akemi

Well hello there! I feel like I've been really busy this week, besides watching about 8 Orange is the New Blacks in a row and making two during after school trips to Five Guys I've been kayaking and raft building, helping in year seven English and art classes (good citizen, yo) as well as celebrating a friends birthday yesterday. I suppose that's reason enough to suggest why I'm exhausted this week so I think a sit down with a cup of tea is well overdue, even if it is boiling hot outside and I have a rather fidgety cat on my chest.

Also I feel I should mention I dyed my hair! It's now a lot lighter than it was, the aim was to go white but it sort of went very light blonde. The first few days I was in a bit of a flap because I was convinced it was yellow but after a few washes with a new purple shampoo and conditioner I restored it to a more human looking colour. Now I'm really happy with it! I'm a huge flake when it comes to my hair - no, not meaning I have dandruff - but I always decide I'm going to do something crazy with it then I don't end up doing it. I am however booked to have my hair cut on Wednesday and I'm going to get it just above my shoulders. Exciting stuff.

I hope you all had a lovely week,
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  1. your pictures are stunning! really love what you're wearing, so summery and lovely!

    also hair looks great

  2. You're stunning! I adore that outfit <3

    Laura x |

  3. Love your outfit, the photos looks so nice x


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