Thursday, July 31, 2014

Cornwall Snaps

Going out for a drink. But first...

All wetsuited up.. look how clear the water was!

Afternoon! Here's a few photos from my recent holiday in Cornwall. It was sunny every day when we were there so we spent all of our time at the beach. It was so lovely to have a little escape from reality and get some sea air and since most of my family live there (my Dad is Cornish) it was great see all the family again. 

I did however get stung by a weaver fish. These are tiny little shits fish that bury themselves in the sand with spikes on their backs, and when you tread on them they inject poison into your foot. I ended up having to be carried up the beach (embarrassing to say the least) and bearing in mind I've fractured my skull and broken my wrist and finger before this was no doubt the worst pain I have ever felt. I'm allergic to stings so my foot swelled up and I had to hold it in boiling water for about half an hour to calm the pain which ended up lasting about two hours. Don't you just love the sea? Haha.

Despite that little blip it really was a lovely little getaway and we were eating pasties and pub quizzing (and winning might I add) like good ol' Cornishmen should.

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