Monday, January 27, 2014


Dress- Asos, Boots- Topshop, Hat - Vintage, Coat - Primark, Lips - Barry M (in dark cherry? I forget the exact colour)

Hello! It is just me or does it feel like it's been a while? I've been so busy these past couple of weeks, doing the usual mix of coursework and working. To add to things my tripod broke, and due to the distinct lack of GOD-DAMN SUN, there is hardly ever good light for taking acceptable photos. That being said, this Saturday me and my friend Akemi took some photos in the park.

I bought this smock dress about a month back and I am in love. Smock dresses are going to be big this year and I love the cute fox print on this one. I also got these boots in the Topshop sale for £45, reduced from £80 (and with £30 worth of Christmas vouchers, they cost a grand total of £15 biatch). I absolutely adore them, I wear them almost everyday despite the heel making them a little more tricky to walk in than my preferred flat ankle boots, but hey ho.

I'm feeling a lot happier this month/year than I was towards the end of last year, opposite of January blues it looks like?

I'm currently listening to lots of Diplo and Major Lazer, which is different to my usual music taste but what's life without a little adventure ey? Hope you all are having a good start to the week!

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Friday, January 3, 2014

New huuuur and tartan shorts

Jumper and belt - Primark, Shorts (sale) and shoes - Topshop

I got my hair cut! I was planning on having it short for a while now, and was even considering dying it white (which would look something like this) but I just never got around to it. I've had just below the shoulder length hair for a while now (I called it purgatory hair- waiting to grow long or be cut short) and I'm so happy it's got some life in it again. I got it cut at Toni&Guy which was a tad expensive but worth it, free drinks and posh hair lotions are always good. I got these shorts and shoes (which I now realise are impossible to see so here's a link) on boxing day in the sales and I'm so happy with them both.

I've been working pretty much all week whether it be in the shop or on coursework so I'm pretty knackered, early night for me tonight.

Hope you've all had a lovely week! Love,
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Thursday, January 2, 2014

I Love: Soap and Glory Face Products

From left: Face Soap and Clarity face wash, Feel Good Factor BB cream, Puffy Eye Attack eye cream, Smooch Operator lip butterOff Your Face facial wipes, No Clogs Allowed face mask, Peaches and Clean cleanser

About a month ago I ventured into my local Boots and took advantage of their 3 for 2 offer on the new redesigned range of face care products from Soap and Glory. I am a strong lover of Soap and Glory and love the skincare and bath range, so I was eager to see what the face products were like.

Face Soap and Clarity face wash:
After being a loyal user of the Johnson's face wash then moving onto the Simple one early last year, I've found a firm favourite with this Soap and Glory version. First off: the smell. Not the usual smell one would expect from Soap and Glory, but I like it. It smells sweet and citrusy, but not overwhelmingly so- it's more soapy than anything else (duh!). The small pink beads gently ex-foliate and leave my skin feeling refreshed and light. I use this in the morning as soon as I wake up using a very hot flannel and the same in the evening to remove my makeup. I find in the morning this wakes me up and gets rid of the grogginess from my nights sleep and leaves my skin feeling soft and ready for moisturising. This is currently selling for £6 for £150ml in Boots which I think is a pretty good deal!

No Clogs Allowed mask:
Designed to unclog pores, this 'super self heating' face mask is one of my favourite skincare products. I've always loved self heated masks and this one is no exception! The heat lasts for about 2-3 minutes at most, and the heat is, well, hot. It turns blue and stiffens a little while on your face but doesn't go too hard like some masks (which can lead to uncomfortable cracking). Similar to the Soap and Glory 'Scrub Your Nose In It' this makes my skin feel so light and refreshed I can practically see myself glowing after use. This is designed for use only once a week because frequent use can be quite harsh on skin, so I use this usually every Sunday to prepare myself (or my face?) for the early morning Monday ahead.

Peaches and Clean cleanser:
I use this every day after the face wash, and my god the smell. It smells exactly like peaches, which is partly the reason I use this after just using a cleansing face wash when I don't really need to. Another plus is the packaging, the pump makes sure you use a good amount each time and it locks for easy storage. It has a nice creamy milky consistency and lathers reasonably well, but I don't notice huge effects after using this. It doesn't really remove make-up very well, and the only effect I can notice is my skin feels soft after use. It doesn't 'unclog my t-zone' as claimed. This is currently £6.00 at Boots (reduced from £8) for a 200ml product which isn't a bad deal, but don't expect miracles.

In the Boots sale they also have gift sets for half off at the moment, so I got the above 'Facetime' gift set for £12.50, reduced from £25. This included the following:

Off Your Face facial wipes:
Before, I only ever used face wipes for quickly removing make-up before bed when I just can't be bothered to trudge to the bathroom and do it properly. These wipes may cause me to transfer them into my daily routine, as they work surprisingly well. They don't leave that 'oh god I should really rinse my face' feeling after, and work just as well as a normal cleanser. As you would expect, they have the trademark Soap and Glory minty fruit smell and are very silky soft. For £3.50 at Boots (usually £4.50) for 25 cloths they're very good value for what they are, and even better when they come cheap in a gift set!

Puffy Eye Attack eye cream/gel:
During the winter months I and many others find that eyes can get dry, itchy and puffy. This dinky little pot contains a cooling gel which soothes and calms irritated eyes. This is perfect for use just getting home from work, or early in the morning when my eyes need a little pick me up before I put on my make up. The gel creates a satisfying tingling sensation and dissolves instantly. This costs £9.50 (reduced from £12.50) which I probably wouldn't have paid if it wasn't in a gift set considering it's only 14ml. However this is a cute little pot and if I run out before the summer I'll most likely repurchase to avoid puffy hay-fever eyes.

Smooch Operator lip balm:
I've always been very cautious when it comes to lip balms. I hate it when they're too sticky, or too greasy, or not moisturising enough. I personally found the massively hyped 'baby lips' not very good- it sat greasily on my lips rather than moisturised them. The Soap and Glory version however I like a lot so far, it tastes of candyfloss and moisturises well. It isn't too soft which makes it less sticky, and it absorbs into the lips well. The only downside for me is the packaging. I find lip balms in pots to be not very practical and a little unhygienic- using your fingers can transfer germs (and scarf fluff..) onto your lips. Saying this it is easy to pop into your pocket and take on the go, but I would have preferred it in a stick form.

Feel Good Factor BB cream:
This translucent BB cream is a lovely everyday moisturiser. It absorbs into the skin very well and the high SPF 25 is a bonus to protect against the sun, which is hard to find. I wouldn't really call this a BB cream, as it doesn't act like a tinted moisturiser or foundation and I haven't noticed any direct effects on any blemishes. It is however a neat little moisturiser which sits perfectly under my foundation and for £9.00 at Boots you can't really go wrong.

I wish you all a (belated) happy new year! Endless amounts of love,