Sunday, September 30, 2012

Nail Polish Collection and Storage

Barry M
                              Various brands                                                                         LA Colours and Rimmel London
Hey! This is my nail polish collection. I keep it in a converse shoe box, which such a good size, it fits all the Barry M nail polishes in rows, and because I'm a perfectionist this is well, perfect. A few of the nail polishes are my friend Thalia's - I borrowed a load a few weeks back and she borrowed some of mine, and we have yet to swap back. To be honest, I don't even remember which ones I gave her so it might be a bit tricky getting them back haha.

If you have any questions about which brand something is or the name of a nail polish, just ask below and I'll be sure to answer :)

Rosie x

Thursday, September 27, 2012

It's you, it's you, it's all for you

Jumper - Topshop, Shorts - H&M, Bracelets & watch - markets in various countries, Snood - New Look, Shoes - Shoe zone

Hello! I went shopping at the weekend and I bought this tartan snood. I've wanted something like it for ages, and this one is just perfect. I also bought these leather shorts the other week, and I was slightly worried they would be a bit sticky since they're leather, but they're lined with cotton so they don't stick.
I had a half day of school today, but sadly instead of going out and having fun I've been stuck at home revising. Curse you History assessment.
Hope you're all having a good week!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Want: iPhone 4 Cases

Hello! Finally, my days of owning a broken blackberry are nearly over. I'm getting an iPhone 4! Thank god. I've been looking at some cool cases I could get, so I've been searching online and above are the ones I picked out from eBay. I want something a bit different, not something that everyone else has- like the cassette tape or gameboy ones (not that they aren't lovely). Any opinions on these? I think my favourite is the pokeball one (from pokemon, if you don't know what that then you should be ashamed). Hopefully the colours are a little brighter in real life.

Rosie x

Saturday, September 22, 2012

I'm No Teenage Icon

Skirt - Primark, Top - Old, Bag - Primark, Rings - tesco, ebay and primark, Shoes - shoezone, Hat - H&M, Bracelets - Primark

Hello! My first ootd, how exciting. I'm off shopping today, and this is what I'm wearing. The weather is somewhat warm today, hence the skirt, so I'm taking advantage of this british rarity.

Hope you're all having a good day!

Rosie x

Friday, September 21, 2012

My Everyday 'Go To' Makeup

Hello! I pretty much wear these products everyday, seeing as my school doesn't allow makeup, so I have to keep it neutral to get away with wearing it. This is also my 'go to' makeup, so if I have no ideas on what to do I'll go for this simple but effective mix of products.

MUA 'Heaven and Earth' Eye Shadow Pallet:
This is honestly the only eye shadow pallet I ever really use, its fabulous. I use pretty much all of the colours, the dark ones to fill in my eyebrows, and the lighter colours for my inner lid etc. Its very pigmented, and stays on for quite a while - but if you don't use a good primer it can tend to wipe off quicker.

MUA Pressed Powder:
This powder isn't the greatest I've ever tried, but it's not bad. I use this over my foundations just to get rid of shine, because I prefer my makeup to look matte rather than shiny. For only a pound however, this is perfect.

Benefit 'Porefessional':
I got this free in a magazine some time ago, and for quite a while I was quite wary of using it- I didn't want to use to much or waste it. I only really use it at weekends and holidays, because what's the point in wasting it for school eh? It does make my makeup last a lot longer, but I don't think I could justify paying the full £23.50 for it.

Forever 21 'Love and Beauty Bronzer' in rose gold:
I got this as a birthday present from my best friend Thalia, and I really love it. I much prefer it to Sleeks notorious rose gold, I think it looks much more natural and applys really well. It's a good size too, I use my bourjois kabuki brush to apply it and it picks up the product easily.

Rimmel London 'Wake Me Up foundation':
I love love love this foundation. I really can't fault it; it gives great coverage, it doesn't feel too heavy, it matches my skin colour perfectly and it makes my skin look less tired and stressed (thank you 7am early mornings). However I would recommend getting this a shade lighter, because it can come out fairly orange if you buy a darker shade.

Rimmel London 'Scandaleyes Mascara' and Collection 2000 'Big Fake' Mascara:
The Rimmel London one is a pretty average mascara, like the powder it's not the best but it's not awful. The brush doesn't really do what it says it does, which is to 'make eyelashes three times longer and thicker', but it isn't too bad. To be honest I wouldn't buy it again, because I usually try to get a different mascara every time to try and find the perfect one (I am yet to find it). However, I like the Collection 2000 Mascara. It has quite a big brush, nice and thick and it isn't trying to be fancy with twiddly bits on the end. Since it has bristles it's also good for separating eyelashes.

Miss Sporty 'Perfect Colour Lipstick' In 'Spiced Rum'
I really like this lipstick, It's the perfect nude with out it looking like foundation lips. It has a nice creamy texture, and the colour stays on for quite a while. I would definitely buy this again, very happy! I couldn't get a proper swatch of this because the lighting was a bit weird, but here is a picture on the miss sporty website.

So that's all for my everyday makeup, hope you enjoyed reading it!

Rosie x

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Everyday Skincare Routine

I've had this routine for a while, I've been through quite a few skincare products and I've found that these are all my favourites. You know the old saying, if it isn't broken and all that. The shelf thing above is what I keep it all in, its just next to my sink and mirror.

Johnson's 'refreshing gel wash' -
I've been using this product for a few months now, and I like it a lot. It has quite a runny consistency, and your face has to be quite wet for it to lather properly. It has small beads which burst when it's applied, and I'm not really sure what they're supposed to do to be honest but they make it look nice in the bottle haha. After I use this product my skin feels so soft, it is perfect for removing my makeup. Overall I would rate this an 8/10.

St. Ives 'blemish fighting facial scrub' -
I'm quite fond of the St. Ives products, and this has reccently made it's way into my skincare routine. I don't actually use this everyday, more like every other day, because it can be quite harsh on the skin. This is a pretty grainy scrub, I know scrubs are supposed to be grainy but this is a particularly grainy one. I reckon I would rate this product a 6/10.

Botanics 'all bright cleansing toner' -
It seems every blogger and their dog has written a post about something in the botanics range, and I'm pretty pleased with this toner myself. I'm not very experienced with toners, this is the only one I've tried since I didn't really have a proper skincare routine until earlier this year (gasps) so I don't think my review will be very reliable. I do like it, it's good for removing makeup I've missed, however it does make my skin a little tight. It smells pretty gross too. Those two things aside, I would give this a 7/10.

Aveeno 'daily moisturising lotion' -
I've been using this moisturiser for literally years, I love it. It has the perfect consistency- although a little rubbery, it's not too thick but not too thin. Perfect for dry skin, because it keeps it soft for quite a while. I would give this a 9/10.

Clearasil 'overnight serum'
I got this from poundland, and considering was only a pound its pretty good. This is great for when you get a random spot pop up on your face, just apply a small bit on it and by the morning it becomes less red and the most swelling reduces. It doesn't get rid of the spot completely, that would be a miracle, but it does make it less noticeable. I would give this a 6/10.

Hope you enjoyed my first post!

Rosie x

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Rosie's Closet

Hello! My name is Rosie, I am 15 and currently living in London. I am still doing my GCSEs, (I'm taking art, history, geography and french if you're interested) and I am obsessed with fashion and beauty.
I've previously written a blog (rosalee) but I feel like a fresh start, to start a more 'grown up' blog. So I guess this should be called blogging attempt #2.
I hope you enjoy reading my posts, I have a bunch planned, expect lots of reviews, ootds and diys!

Love, Rosie xxx