Thursday, January 17, 2013

Re-decoration Inspiration

pictures from pinterest
A slightly different post today. I've been kind of re-decorating my room reccently, and at the moment my room is in a sort of 'inbetween stage'. By that I mean some of my furniture matches, but the rest doesn't and it looks a bit out of place. I would love to have a bedroom like the ones above, I love the heart made of photos and I was thinking about ordering some prints to stick on my walls to do the same.
Map and garland - Amazon, Candle - Yankee, Wallpaper - B&Q

I thinking about buying these things above, but I'm not sure which wallpaper yet, probably the white one (the one with no flowers). I'd quite like the map so I can pin on everywhere I've been, maybe a bit corny but I think it will be nice.

I might post some pictures of my room when it's finished, depends how it ends up looking haha. 

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