Saturday, January 19, 2013

Call it what you want

Coat and shoes- Primark, Dress - Topshop, belt - New Look (came with a skirt), Fur Stole - A gift

Hello! It's been snowing all day yesterday here in the South East, and I'm loving it. Yesterday school was cancelled so me and a few friends went down to our local woods and sledged down hills, got stuck on poorly constructed rope swings and froze our fingers off. The hills were so steep you go at about 100 miles an hour and more often than not you'd end up being flung off the sledge from hitting a bump in the snow. I think whenever I go out in the snow I forget all of my fashion sense and end up throwing what ever I can find on (including pyjama bottoms and wellies with stars on, I am not afraid to say). So today I'm taking it easy, watching the snow slowly melt and keep warm by the fire computer.


  1. My parents said you look beautiful in the first picture, its true you look wonderful Rose xx


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