Sunday, January 6, 2013

Sunday Summary Week 2

 1. late christmas presents 2. vaccines on repeat 3. arctic monkeys t-shirt 4. hot chocolates 5. art coursework 6. the southbank looking pretty 7. virgin mojitos 8. WHY WON'T YOU GROW 9. progress 10. clearing out my wardrobe 11. spray painting feathers, as you do 12. filming up a tree 13. looking dashing 14. made a tumblr! 15. more art, sigh 16. dinner for fatties two

Hello! Most of my week this week has been spent painting my art coursework. If I ever see another shell/pod/dead plant I swear I am going to scream. Also this week I was in my friends music video thing (which you can see in the previous post) in the freezing cold -hence the dressing gown. I've been listening to The Vaccines, Lana Del Rey and The Wombats all week which has been getting me through this art. 
Hope you've all had a good week!


  1. Wow the painting is amazing!!

  2. I think I've run out of texts until tomorrow so..
    just a note to say - firstly, I'm loving these new instagram posts, your art looks brilliant and wowowowow your hair looks so fab in your tumblr picture! No trains this weekend in our area otherwise I would have snuck around if you weren't busy, and I would suggest us meeting early tomorrow but lets be serious, as if we'd ever not take advantage of a late start? Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow xx

    1. thank you :))
      i'm not in tomorrow morning, I'm a the hospital again! So i'll see you at school- also do we have a late start??

    2. start at 9:45am, assuming we just start maths as normal p2 then just have a 4 period day xx


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