Monday, September 24, 2012

Want: iPhone 4 Cases

Hello! Finally, my days of owning a broken blackberry are nearly over. I'm getting an iPhone 4! Thank god. I've been looking at some cool cases I could get, so I've been searching online and above are the ones I picked out from eBay. I want something a bit different, not something that everyone else has- like the cassette tape or gameboy ones (not that they aren't lovely). Any opinions on these? I think my favourite is the pokeball one (from pokemon, if you don't know what that then you should be ashamed). Hopefully the colours are a little brighter in real life.

Rosie x


  1. camera ones my favourite, what am i going to do without you on bbm seriously rosie ;'(

    1. I'm so torn I love them all... maybe I'll get all three ;)
      I know ahhh we're going to have to email or *shudder* text :'(


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