Friday, September 21, 2012

My Everyday 'Go To' Makeup

Hello! I pretty much wear these products everyday, seeing as my school doesn't allow makeup, so I have to keep it neutral to get away with wearing it. This is also my 'go to' makeup, so if I have no ideas on what to do I'll go for this simple but effective mix of products.

MUA 'Heaven and Earth' Eye Shadow Pallet:
This is honestly the only eye shadow pallet I ever really use, its fabulous. I use pretty much all of the colours, the dark ones to fill in my eyebrows, and the lighter colours for my inner lid etc. Its very pigmented, and stays on for quite a while - but if you don't use a good primer it can tend to wipe off quicker.

MUA Pressed Powder:
This powder isn't the greatest I've ever tried, but it's not bad. I use this over my foundations just to get rid of shine, because I prefer my makeup to look matte rather than shiny. For only a pound however, this is perfect.

Benefit 'Porefessional':
I got this free in a magazine some time ago, and for quite a while I was quite wary of using it- I didn't want to use to much or waste it. I only really use it at weekends and holidays, because what's the point in wasting it for school eh? It does make my makeup last a lot longer, but I don't think I could justify paying the full £23.50 for it.

Forever 21 'Love and Beauty Bronzer' in rose gold:
I got this as a birthday present from my best friend Thalia, and I really love it. I much prefer it to Sleeks notorious rose gold, I think it looks much more natural and applys really well. It's a good size too, I use my bourjois kabuki brush to apply it and it picks up the product easily.

Rimmel London 'Wake Me Up foundation':
I love love love this foundation. I really can't fault it; it gives great coverage, it doesn't feel too heavy, it matches my skin colour perfectly and it makes my skin look less tired and stressed (thank you 7am early mornings). However I would recommend getting this a shade lighter, because it can come out fairly orange if you buy a darker shade.

Rimmel London 'Scandaleyes Mascara' and Collection 2000 'Big Fake' Mascara:
The Rimmel London one is a pretty average mascara, like the powder it's not the best but it's not awful. The brush doesn't really do what it says it does, which is to 'make eyelashes three times longer and thicker', but it isn't too bad. To be honest I wouldn't buy it again, because I usually try to get a different mascara every time to try and find the perfect one (I am yet to find it). However, I like the Collection 2000 Mascara. It has quite a big brush, nice and thick and it isn't trying to be fancy with twiddly bits on the end. Since it has bristles it's also good for separating eyelashes.

Miss Sporty 'Perfect Colour Lipstick' In 'Spiced Rum'
I really like this lipstick, It's the perfect nude with out it looking like foundation lips. It has a nice creamy texture, and the colour stays on for quite a while. I would definitely buy this again, very happy! I couldn't get a proper swatch of this because the lighting was a bit weird, but here is a picture on the miss sporty website.

So that's all for my everyday makeup, hope you enjoyed reading it!

Rosie x


  1. I'm really envious, I love the look of the Wake me Up foundation but it breaks me out every time I wear it. Great post!
    Ellie X

    1. Oh what a shame! Most foundations break me out too, but luckily this one doesn't :) Thank you!x

  2. I've never even thought to look at the Miss Sporty lipsticks...are they any good? I love a good lipstick (esp when it's cheap!) so might have to check them out when I get paid! xxx

    1. They're really good, I deffo recommend them, especially for the price :) xxx


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