Saturday, October 11, 2014

Saturday resolutions

Good afternoon! 
After giving myself an internal pep talk, I have decided to become more active on this big ol' mess of a blog. I'm going to brush up on my writing skills, photography, and styling to turn it into something I'm actually proud of as opposed to something slap dash I'm not happy with. I've also decided to get more active with other forms of creativity, which means less reblogging art on tumblr and more creating my own art in sketchbooks. Here's to short bursts of motivation on Saturday afternoons.

All of this, and no, I still haven't joined a gym.

Songs of the week:
  1. Smooth Sailing - Queens of the Stone Age
  2. Zombie - Jamie T
  3. Sweet Girl - Beware of Darkness
  4. Send Me On My Way - Rusted Root (oh, the nostalgia)
  5. Where Will We Go - IAMDYNAMITE 

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