Friday, June 6, 2014

Summer Make-up Favourites

I've been using some new things recently so I thought I would share my simple summer face and nails. I don't like anything too heavy on my face in the hotter months, so I usually reserve contouring and blush for evenings and more special occasions. I also don't tend to use a lot of lip colour because my lips become quite dry in the heat, so I stick to light sun protecting lip balms. I find that lighter make-up mixed with a highlighter gives a more dewy and summery appearance and also a more natural look, as opposed to a matte face which I usually prefer to wear in winter.

I've been using this more as a concealer than a primer, as I don't normally use a concealer or eye shadow on a everyday basis. I find this works nicely as a little extra coverage and keeps my foundation around my eyes in place. Because this is such a tiny bottle and the full sized one is so pricey I've been trying to use this somewhat sparingly but I find three small dots above and below the eye works best.

I have such mixed opinions of this. When I first got it, I loved it. A few weeks later I decided it wasn't working for me so I switched back to my tried and tested tube of Benefit The Porefessional. However, I gave it another try and I'm liking it a whole lot more. I think my problem at first was getting the amount right, I was previously using too much and making my face feel heavy and greasy as opposed to 'smooth' and 'lightweight' as the bottle says. I now only use a tiny amount around my cheeks and nose I find although this doesn't give me 'poreless looking skin' (what product could though, right?) it does give my skin that little summin' summin' to keep my foundation more on the dewy than the shiny side and keeps those pesky pores a bit more subdued. Does this beat Benefits The Porefessional? No. But it does beat it in terms of price and so it's a nice little substitute when I can't face forking over £25 to repurchase.

I started using this only a couple of weeks ago when the weather finally picked up (and then took a turn for the worst, it seemed at one point...). The SPF 25 is what attracted me to using it again because I always forget to put suncream on my face, or when I remember I don't want to ruin my makeup. This is more of a moisturiser than a BB cream which I think I mentioned in my previous review of it and my opinion hasn't really changed, its a nice moisturiser to use just after cleansing to keep my skin soft and hopefully when if the weather gets hotter it'll protect my face well from the sun.

This is by far my favourite product at the moment. I bought this after weeks, more like months of contemplation and I finally decided to buy it after giving up completely with the Barry M one I was using which didn't work for me at all. This has perfect coverage, its very light weight, it smells delicious and has really good staying power. I don't know what difference the fact its a serum makes but damn I wish I had bought this sooner.

This highlighter is also quickly becoming a firm favourite, it sits well over the top of my foundation and adds that extra bit of glow. I usually apply this to my cheek bones, along the bridge of my nose and on my chin and fully blend it in with my foundation for a more subtle day to day wear or if I'm going out I'll blend it a little less so its more prominent. I'm used to using powder based highlighters but I find this one more controllable and easier to use.

I've been a firm lover of the Collection powders for a while now and I can't see my opinion changing any time soon. I only use a small amount and dust it on with a smaller brush rather than buff it in with a kabuki brush as I used to do. I find this keeps the dewy natural look but still sets my make-up in place and gets rid of any shine on my forehead or the sides of my nose.

This mascara doesn't try anything fancy with the applicator, it doesn't have a weird formula, it's just a bog standard mascara. I find that less is more where everyday looks are concerned, especially since my eyes are quite big and curling my lashes makes them makes them look even bigger anyway. This separates my eyelashes well and adds an amount of volume that doesn't look clumpy or sooty.

I got this about a week ago and so far I like it a lot. I was previously using the MUA heaven and earth pallet to do my eye brows but my colour of choice was quickly running out so I bought this instead. I use the lightest colour as I have very light hair and I find it works well for my hair colour without looking too scouse brow. The clear mascara also works very well, at the moment I'm liking brushing them up then going across the top line to smooth them down (if that makes any sense at all, haha) and this works really nicely to keep them neat.

Not really make-up but I thought I would include it, I was obsessed with this a couple of winters ago and I've fallen back in love. I didn't think I was all that into glitter nail polishes any more but I find this looks really nice with short round filed nails and just one or two coats to give them a small hint of gold.

I think I've talked about this before but I thought I would mention this lip balm I've been using a lot at the moment. It has sun protection in it and it worked really well last summer for keeping my lips moisturised. I bought this in France in a supermarket and obviously I'm not going to jump on a plane to get another when it runs out but it's a nice to carry around in my bag for when my lips are needing some love.

Aaaaaand breathe. Bit of a wordy post there, I do apologise but thanks if you made it this far! Hope you enjoyed this post and all have a lovely weekend!

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