Saturday, December 14, 2013

Up in flames

Most teenagers spend their Saturday mornings out shopping, going to the cinema or doing normal, sociable things. But me and my friends like to paint ourselves white and take photos. My friend Sam, Akemi (if you read my blog you'll remember her from this post) and I took these today and I'm so so happy with how they look!

I had a bit of a revelation at school the other day where I decided I want to do fashion photography at uni, after having a strong interest in it for some while now. I'm currently saving up for a decent camera -a Canon EOS 600D to be precise- and have bought two soft boxes from eBay (with my first pay cheque!). Needless to say if you've seen other posts Akemi has done with me she is into photography too, not to mention very talented at it.

Hope you're all having a good weekend!

Rosie x

P.S Christmas is in 11 days? Where has the year gone?!


  1. These photos are amazing! LOVE the lashes! Fashion photography sounds amazing :) Good luck with it all! xoxo

  2. These are so good! Especially love the first one! Josie xxx

  3. These photos are absolutely stunning, want to get ito photography aswell x

    1. Thank you! Hopefully I'll stick with it and get better :)

  4. these photos are absolutely beautiful! the pictures of you really remind me of tilda swinton :D also i use a nikon d3100


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