Monday, September 2, 2013

Primark and New Look Haul!

Primark £8

Primark £1 each (reduced)

Primark £3 (reduced)

Primark £10

Primark £1 
New Look £17.99

I've been shopping! This is sort of a 'back to school' haul, because all of the items I bought specifically to wear to school. I'm so happy with the bag, it's the perfect size to carry all of my books and the colour is very pretty as well. I thought £17.99 was a pretty good price as well and since I received some money for my results I thought why the hell not. The polka dot £3 top was actually a size 16 but I tried it on and I liked the fit, it was over sized and I could easily tuck it into high waisted shorts or jeans. The £10 polka dot shirt (bit of a polka dot theme going on here) I fell in love with as soon as I saw it. I thought £10 was a little steep for Primark, but I found other bargains in there I was practically saving money (...). The striped top actually said £3 on it, but at the till I only paid £1. I bought it a size too big so I could again have more of an over sized feel, as I'm not a huge fan of tight fitting tops. I thought I could wear all of the tops I bought with either denim shorts, jeans, or a skater skirt and because they're all black and white the colour doesn't matter.

The little suede boots look very cute with frilly socks, as they're the perfect length to just show over the top. These are perfect for just throwing on in the morning as they'll go with a lot. The rings I thought go very well together, and although I probably won't wear them to school they're very cute for weekends!

Despite the recent rise in prices and shipment of rhinestone snapbacks (I kid you not), I still love to shop in Primark and will most likely continue to do so for a while yet.

Hope you're all having a good week!


  1. Looks like a good shopping trip, I still need to do all that back to school shopping aaaaah only a few days left!xx

  2. I love primark hauls! Those shoes are beautiful!xo
    Follow me and I’ll follow back. Let me know when you’re done Also, I'd really like it if you were a part of the themed monthly look book on my blog Teeniolect HERE
    Teeniolect on Bloglovin’

  3. i just love me some primark. have just been there but only grapped some random bits. i had a cold that day and as to weak to make it through the store. i will do some primark retail therapy when i'm feeling better.

  4. Love the polka dot tops! :) xx

  5. Love the polka dot tops! :) xx

  6. Love the polka dot tops! :) xx

  7. Ah I am so beyond jealous! If only Primark existed in the states!
    Love everything and your blog is perfect!


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