Saturday, August 3, 2013

Blurred Lines

 Shirt - Pull & Bear, Shorts - Charity shop/DIY, Shoes - Vintage (mums),  Socks - Topshop, Watch - Market in Spain, Belt - Mums, Sunglasses - eBay

Hello! It's FREAKING BOILING today. I've spent most of the day lolling around by the paddling pool slowly melting. I went to some charity shops, and bought a mint green jumper for £1 and two pairs of jeans for £2 and £3. I cut both of them and the pair of shorts I'm wearing are one of the pairs! I was so excited when I saw them because they're very high waisted and boxy, but fit surprisingly well. I took some photos while I was doing it to do a DIY post, but it's so simple there wasn't much point, and I'm far from being an expert at sewing.

I hope if you're in the UK your not a melted puddle and are enjoying the sun! (I realize I'm being very dramatic as its only about 32 degrees but I am a winter girl through and through and can't stand the heat, haha)


  1. you got soo many good bargains! i went to hyde park today and i literally died, i had to keep fanning myself every second haha! i can barely stand 25 degrees

  2. Love the sunglasses ! Very casual outfit, looks great!

    Myra x

    Alluring Style

  3. you look lovely, amazing outfit!

  4. Love the outfit! I'm so jealous on how you manage to look tanned despite the blonde hair, I never tan aha!xx


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