Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Birthday Haul (And some other bits..)

High waisted bikini - topshop

Sleek contour Kit in 'Light'

I didn't actually get this for my birthday, I got it last week from a carboot for £5! I got film for my birthday though so it counts..
Canvas of me and my friend Elena in France
All from Primark, the comb thing is for my school prom on Monday! (Again, I bought these myself, but I thought I would include them)

and a whoooole lot of chocolate, my family know me so well!
So here's a few bits and pieces I got today for my birthday. I'm going shopping on Sunday to spend some of my Birthday money so expect another haul soon! I'm going to France on Tuesday so I'm going to be buying lots of holiday attire.

Only two more exams to go, then I'm back to blogging!


  1. Love the Topshop bikini!


  2. In love with the hairpiece you got for your prom, it's stunning! Can't believe you got that camera for £5 either!

    Good luck with the exams :)
    Sinead xo
    ♥ fabuleuse, toujours ♥

  3. Ooo the bikini is nice! Love the hair comb so cute! Mmmmm chocolate..... Happy belated birthday ;)

  4. Happy belated birthday! Love those primark sunglasses (and all the chocolate. yum)
    tie-dye-eyes blog
    make the switch and follow me on bloglovin here :)

  5. I have that topshop bikini! Wow, cant believe those sunnies are from Primemark! I love them xxx

  6. Love the bathing suit and the spike earrings!!

    instagram- athenalaxo

  7. love this post, you found some great Birthday bargains!Hope you had a great day xx

  8. ooooh i love anything by sleek xxx


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