Sunday, April 14, 2013

St. Moriz Instant Self Tanning Mousse

I've never really been one for fake tan. I always associated it with a bright orange glow in the dark look, not something I particularly wanted to try. However, about a year ago, I was recommended this by a friend. A bit suspicious at first, I gave it a go. I was very impressed! Unlike most fake tan I've seen, this doesn't come out orange, it comes out brown. With one application it instantly gives my skin a darker colour without it being too noticeable, so I can add more gradually as I please. The smell, granted, is nasty. The typical biscuit-y tangy smell you get with most fake tanning products, but this washes off. I usually apply this before I go to bed, then sleep with it on and wash off the residue in the morning. The bottle suggests the opposite: putting it on in the morning and washing it off in the evening. I find my way better as I don't have to go out smelling of fake tan. Because this fake tan is instant, you don't have to find out until later if you've missed a spot- which makes it less likely for it to streak or look patchy. I'm pretty sure you can buy this fake tan in any cheap drugstore, I got mine in Wilkinsons for £2.99. I'll be definitely using this come the warmer months when woolly tights and trousers are no longer acceptable.


  1. Definitely agree, you get a much more even looking tan doing it the night before you're going to be seen!
    I've tried the spray version as well but mousse is way easier to apply.

  2. This tan is amazing, remember going into wilkos like 4 years ago and discovering this GEM! Now they sell it everywhere! xx

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