Sunday, February 24, 2013

Sunday Summary Week 8 & 9

1, 2. found some cute school work from year 5 3. imadeface, made myself 4. pancake day 5. outfit planning 6. two duvet weather 7. messy dressing table 8. valentines strawberries (for one) 9. looking our best doing pilates  10. Logan. Lerman. 11. making my room look nicer 12. dungarees 13. painting 14. nails 15. studded collar 16. revision sucks 17. reliving my primary school days 18. strawberry lemonade + hot chocolate 19. I need these 20. elle, hot chocolate and the big bang theory

These past few weeks have been pretty hectic. Thursday we were going to go to the Lake District but we couldn't due to half the family falling ill, Friday was London Fashion Weekend, yesterday I was shopping in Oxford Street, Valentines day and pancake day were both last week and the remainder of my time has been filled with revision, strawberry lemonade and wagon wheels *breathes out*.  

Fashion Weekend was really good, I didn't end up buying anything a) because I'm not rich and b) because I'm not rich, but I got a few free goodies (i.e. lots of diet coke and muller yogurt) and the infamous tote bag filled with free samples (well, I say free, the bag cost a tenner...). I went with my friend Akemi and her mum, and despite me choosing to wear possibly the most uncomfortable shoes known to man we had a really good day. I'll post a few pictures later if anyone is interested!

Hope you all had a good week, back to school for me tomorrow- bring on the art related tantrums and ripping-out-my-hair-esque chemistry lessons.


  1. I'm back to school tomorrow too, so I'm just completely some last minute art and maths work.. So much to do...
    I love painting though, and it looks like you've had a great week, especially at the Fashion Weekend! How lucky!xx

    p.s. I adore those Topshop jeans

  2. You and Akemi look like you've been enjoying Pilates! Your room looks gorgeous and omg those jeans, I tried on the navyish pair at Topshop Oxford Circus the other day and they are so amazingly soft and flattering, definitely worth the price I think xxx


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