Tuesday, February 19, 2013

I'm Living on Such Sweet Nothing

dress - topshop, shirt - pull & bear, hat - h&m, shoes - primark

Hello! It's been so sunny today! I didn't even feel the cold as I took these photos, madness! Even as I post this I'm still not sure if I like this outfit, I think it's something about the sleeves, hmm. Oh well I haven't posted in a while (I say a while I mean a few days) but hey ho there's nothing like being consistent. I'm off to 'Fashion Weekend' on Friday, being the practically nonexistent person I am I didn't go to Fashion Week itself, but I'm looking forward to Friday none the less! I'll take lots of pictures and post them when I can. I have an outfit in mind so hopefully I won't look like a sack of potatoes...

Also, if you didn't notice from my last instagram post I've had my hair cut short! To be perfectly honest I'm not thrilled with it (always the pessimist, me), the layers are a bit too difficult to style and I can't tie it in a hair doughnut anymore. But all is not lost, this means I don't have to tie it up for school anymore ('I can't Sir, it's too short! It'll just fall out of the ponytail!') which is always good.

I took a quick trip to Superdrug today in between filming for my friends YouTube channel and I bought a Johnsons day cream which I'm very excited to try out. It's in a cute little glass jar which will look pretty on my dressing table and it smells like suncream. If I like it I'll do a proper review! 

Hope you're all having a lovely week,


  1. I love your hair in these photos, its so pretty. Your fashion weekend sounds great, I wish I had gone to the LFW too thoughxx

  2. CUTEEEE outfit! Also, i'm loving your hair! So jealous that you went to LFW, but glad you had a good time xx

  3. I really like the shirt layered with the dress, I bet it's nice and warm too! xx

  4. Great look x http://georginagoodman.blogspot.co.uk

  5. This outfit is so cute, I love it. :)
    Your dress is amazing.



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