Sunday, December 9, 2012

Take off your golden chains

 Coat, Jumper, Bag and Tights - All Primark, Shorts - H&m, Boots - Shoezone, Nails - Barry M Gelly Nails in 'blood orange' and Barry M 'gold glitter'

Hello!  I'm feeling very Christmassy today- we went and bought the Christmas tree this morning and this afternoon has consisted of wrapping presents and writing cards. So I thought I would wear a bit of a Christmassy outfit - red fairisle, fur and gold glitter. I'm very happy with my nails, usually when I paint them they go all over my hands and just look crap, but today they came out neater than usual. I really love the Barry M gelly nails, it looks shiny long after it's dried, and the gold glitter nail polish isn't rough like other glitter nail polishes, it feels smooth.

I bought this coat yesterday from Primark for £20, and I love it. It has leather sections on the cuffs and shoulders, and the collar is detachable. I'm thinking of either making or ordering another longer fur collar/stole (possibly in oxblood...) to put on it when I don't wear the one above.

Sorry for the lack of outfit photos at the moment, the light is always really bad in my house so I have to take them outside. Half the time its either pitch black, raining or too windy to get a decent photo. I'll try and take them as often as I can but they won't be as frequent as other posts.

Rosie x


  1. The coat is lovely and such a good price!


  2. Those nails are really cute! You look lovely and warm - adorablz.

    The Style Rawr!

  3. Just found your blog and I am loving your style! this outfir look great! love those short!
    Happy to be your newest follower!! xx
    pls, turn the word verification off, it's a real pain!
    Alice Barton ♥ The Mow Way

    1. thank you! :)
      I didn't even realise it was on haha, i've turned it off now x

  4. I'm suprised some of these are from Primark! They look really nice! i love the collar of the coat x

  5. Love your jumper, it's so cute. I really need to get myself to primark and get a Christmas jumper :)
    Daniella x

  6. cute outfit, really love the jumper and your nails are amazing <3

  7. love the pattern on ur jumper, your blog is just lovely by the ways, keep up the good work, ill be visiting again very soon :)

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