Sunday, December 30, 2012

Sunday Summary Week 1

1. daisy trying to get in 2. daisy 3. lindor chocolates 4. daisy opening her present 5. chocolate reindeer 6. soap and glory from my nan 7. new pyjamas and socks 8. sales shopping 9. cheap shoes 10. starbucks 11. present from my nan 12.. working out how much I've spent 13. new s&g collection 14. new lush purchase (love it) 15. fairy lights 16. snow fairy bubbles

So here is my first instagram Sunday summary post! I love reading them, and since I have my new phone I might as well start now. I had to knock a few out because I took so many (oops) and they wouldn't all fit in. I've spent quite a bit in the sales this week, buying more soap and glory products than I need- however I recommend everyone buys the sugar crush body wash, it smells like heaven. Limes and brown sugar is the best way I can describe it. I had a lovely Christmas and a good week, and now I'm off to eat leftover chocolates and run a bath filled with my new snow fairy shower gel and wand!


  1. Cats are too cute!

  2. Daisy is a total cutie!! I'm a bit overloaded with s&g products too- they seem to be a favourite christmas present every year from people! Glad you had a lovely christmas- and happy new year :) xx


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