Thursday, December 6, 2012

New Look Christmas Party Competition

Coat - Black ring - £3.50 ,Gold ring - £3.99 Clutch - £17.99, Dress - £22.99, False eyelashes - £4.99, Shoes - £12.50 (reduced from £24.99), False nails - £5.99

This is my entry for the New Look Christmas Party blogger competition to win £100 to spend at New Look! The rules are to style an outfit for a Christmas party based on a body shape (hourglass, pear-shape, plus-size, straight up and down, apple- you've all seen Gok Wan's 'How To Look Good Naked' I'm sure). My body shape is straight up and down - considering I wasn't exactly blessed in the curves department. I chose the dress because it is a skater dress, which will exaggerate my (so called) hips with the slightly flared bottom, and cinch in my waist with the pleats.

With high heels, I think you should go hard or go home, so I always choose very high heeled shoes despite being quite tall for my age. I really like these creamy/stone colour, which go well with the dress and they give the outfit a feminine look.

I've wanted a fur coat for ages, and this one is perfect, it gives the outfit a glamorous touch and makes the whole outfit look more expensive. This will also add to my shoulders, making me look a bit more hourglass than straight up and down. Because the English weather is freezing this is great for the winter, as it's (faux) fur it will keep in the warmth.

I love the rings, and they're buy one get one free! I'm going to go into the shop and definitely buy the black stone ring; its gorgeous. I also really like the clutch, the sequins also add to the glamorous side of the outfit. I chose false nails because my nails always look so short and stubby, and I can never really be bothered to paint them. These don't use glue, they have adhesive tabs which are so much better for your nails. The eye lashes are also perfect for parties, as they're big and er... fluttery? I've never tried eylure eyelashes but I would love to give them a go.

If you want to join the competition too, here is a link!

Rosie x


  1. This look is gorgeous! I absolutely love the items you have selected. That dress is exceptionally stunning.

    xoxo, Meera |

  2. Love the outfit!


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