Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Merry Christmas!

Hello! I hope you all had lovely Christmases. I had such a good day, the best in a while! Since last Thursday I've been ill, I missed two mock exams, but they sent them to my house for me to do at home. Merry Christmas to me. We all went for a walk on Christmas day and the park was flooded, so my brother had to literally carry me along some parts of the path because they were underwater, and I couldn't get my shoes ruined, could I? I got lots of lovely presents including a ton of chocolate and some clothes. I even helped out by making the bread sauce.

Today I've been shopping in the boxing day sales. It was MAD. I woke up at half seven, half an hour later than I should have, then spent the next fifteen minutes running around like a 'loon on loon pills' (angus thongs and perfect snogging quote) trying to find my left shoe. However we made it in time for the opening of the shops, and I managed to buy three dresses, a pair of shoes, a bracelet and a ring. I would have liked to go into Lush and buy some Christmassy shower gels and soaps, but I was ready to collapse by that time so we went home. I'm so glad we went early because after about 10 the shops were packed. H&M was pretty disappointing, I always find that the clothes they have in the sale are not really me (hot pink cords this means you). However River Island was amazing, I had to restrain myself from buying everything.

I got my iPhone! I now have instagram, my user name is 'rosiejervisx'. I'm going to do Sunday summary posts on Sundays from now on. I'm also looking to find a decent case for my phone, so if anyone knows anywhere that they have good ones please let me know!

Tomorrow I'm going up to London with my Mum and Dad to go to Wahaca at the Southbank and soak up some of the festive atmosphere. I'm also going to post what I bought today and hopefully what I wear tomorrow.

Rosie x


  1. merry christmas rose, looking forward to seeing what you & presh bought! lots of love from (boring) montevideo xxx

    1. merry christmas! missing you loads, can't wait to see you!xxx


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