Thursday, December 27, 2012

Boxing Day Sales!

bracelet (£3) and ring (£2.50) - both primark

river island - £10

a christmas present, thought I'd include it

new look - £6 (i couldn't really capture the colour properly in the picture, it's a sort of deep green khaki colour)

topshop £26 (not on sale)

river island - £12
So, yesterday at half seven in the morning, I dragged my bleary eyed self out of bed and headed out to the shops to buy myself some discounted goodness. I had such a good time, despite the unbearable crowds and people pushing into me and shouting 'oh, sorry' as they trod on my feet, it was great. We got there just as the shops opened so the crowds weren't too hectic to begin with. I'm so happy with my bargains, especially the shoes- they have a platform so they make me look really tall.

I also have some sad news. I went into sole trader, and saw that the Jeffrey Campbell Damsels WERE ON SALE FOR £29. And I didn't buy them. Reduced from £130. I tried them on and they looked so beautiful... but I reminded myself I wouldn't wear them, so regretfully I gave them back to the shop assistant and walked away. If you want to buy a pair (I recommend you bloody well do) here is a link. *Wipes away tear*. They also have Litas for like £50ish, so buy those too.

If you read yesterdays post you would have seen that I was going up to London today, but we postponed it until tomorrow. Because I was so tired from yesterday (we had people over) I woke up at 1pm, and so it was a little late to go. I'll upload some photos from when we do go at the weekend.


  1. Looks like you picked up some amazing pieces for great prices - awesome!

    <3 Melissa

  2. lovely items, I love that dress, I was thinking of getting that but they didn't have my's such a bargain <3

  3. Oooh, the black is lovely and the shoes! Oh my, i'd love some of those :)
    Hope you had a lovely Christmas!

    Laura xoxo

    1. thank you haha although they're all dresses :')
      you too!

  4. I love the river island dress, what a bargain xx

  5. I got the green topshop dress for Christmas and I lov it, so comfy! Love the velvet skirt too xx

  6. these are such amazing purchases! i really love your velvet skirt

    hope you'll visit back


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