Sunday, December 16, 2012

A Few Early Christmas Presents...

Yes, I've broken the tradition and opened a few Christmas presents early. Who's going to know?

First off, I received these two Lush products from Thalia, and some fairy lights which are now hanging over my bed. I can't explain how good the soap smells, its like a mixture of citrus and washing powder- I know that sounds disgusting, but oh my god it is good. The shower gel is also smells great, like bubblegum and calpol. Thank you Thalia!

The candle is from my friend Elena, she also got me some tights (which i wore yesterday so I couldn't photograph them as they're in the wash) and some Argan hair oil. The candle smells so good, it's called 'Black orchid and Vanilla'. I have no idea what a black orchid is supposed to smell like but to me it just smells Christmassy and crisp (can something smell crisp? I don't know). When I've used it a couple of times I'll do a review of the argan oil - so far I like it though.

The lipstick I actually bought for myself, and I like it! It's a little dry, so I had to put lipbalm over the top but the colour is nice. I'm still debating whether it suits me or not because I'm quite pale but overall I like it. I'll try and post a picture of me wearing it soon, my family are having one of those 'invite all your neighbors round and eat party food' kinda party so I might wear it then.

Rosie x
p.s. 8 days!!

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