Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Stocking Filler ideas

notebook, mug, soap, flask, candle, magnets, bike stickers
I've seen these sort of posts everywhere and I find them really useful, so I thought I'd do one! I picked all of these gifts from Topshop, and they're just so lovely and quirky. They're also very affordable, which is great considering there is always so much to buy around Christmas time.

I am very excited about Christmas despite everyone telling me it's too early. My brothers coming home from uni and I just love all the 'Christmas cheer' (cringey or what). It's never too early to get excited about Christmas, earlier the better I say! I need to get my mits on some Christmas Yankee Candles and some gingerbread and I'm all set!

Rosie x
P.S: I changed my layout/theme, you like?

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  1. love the mug and magnets, I hope Father Christmas brings me these to decorate my new halls in uni!
    Great blog, I'm following :)
    only a few more days to enter my international giveaway on tie-dye-eyes!


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