Friday, November 9, 2012

New Purchases - Topshop and Pull & Bear

how pretty is this carrier bag?

Hello! I went shopping last weekend and bought these two things. I've been wanting some denim dungarees for ages, but they seem to be a bit er... controversial. By that I mean literally no one likes them, to quote my brother 'dungargees are for four year olds'. But I like them so I don't care! I got those from Topshop for £20 in the sale. I'm planning on wearing them tomorrow so I'll upload and outfit photo so you can see how I would style them. I also got this shirt from Pull & Bear, for £25 which is a bit pricey for my budget but since I've been working hard at school what the hey, I thought I'd treat myself. It's thin chiffon with light blue linen/cotton sleeves and pockets and studs on the collar tips. Hope you all have a good weekend!

(By the way, sorry for the crap quality photos, it's been so dark recently so it's impossible to take a good picture after 4pm)

Rosie x


  1. Love the dungarees, it will be nice to see how you style them x

  2. i love pull and bear, that shirt is nice.
    i'm hating the light too :/ can't get a good picture after 4 it's ridiculous.

  3. love the pull and bear blouse with the studded collar. totally my taste of style!

  4. I LOVE dungarees, and pinafore type dresses too. My friend told me they make me look like a lesbian but i literally don't care, they are amazing! x


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