Thursday, November 8, 2012

Lush Wishlist

click the photo to go to the lush website, and the soap is called 'northern lights'
I am obsessed with Lush at the moment! I don't know if it's because they have the Christmas stock in or what, but whenever I'm out I always find myself going in and lusting over all the products. These are a few of my particular favourites, they all smell amazing. I do find some of the Lush smells a bit.. iffy, but these are gorgeous. So if anyone wants to buy me these for Christmas please do haha.

Rosie x


  1. Even though i'm a 'beauty' blogger, i've never owned anything from LUSH, so i've wrote down a good list full for my boyfriend for Christmas ;)

    I really want to try the Snow Fairy shower gel, almost every blog I follow has raved about it.
    Laura xoxo

    1. ahhh you don't know what you're missing, lush is amazing!
      i've never tried snow fairy, but I've smelt it in the shop and it smells amazing!


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